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Top 10 facts you didn't know about Tioman

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1. Tioman Island's traditional name is Gunung Daik Bercabang Tiga, which is Malay and loosely translates to "Three Forked Mountain".
2. Some flora and fauna on the island more closely resemble species on East Malaysia than Peninsular Malaysia and the reason is that Tioman actually originated near that particular land mass, now known as Borneo. The little rocky island then drifted further and further away over the next hundreds of thousands of years. It may, in fact, be on course to one day join the Peninsular Malaysian east coast.
3. Tioman Island actually featured as a backdrop in the 1958 Hollywood movie called South Pacific, in which it's called Bali Hai.
4. In the 1970s, TIME Magazine awarded Tioman Island the accolade "One of the world's most beautiful islands." It still is of course, although these days, there are a fair number more resorts and hotels.
5. Although geographically closer to the state of Johor, Tioman is actually part of the state of Pahang.
6. The marine areas around Tioman Island have been declared marine parks and marine reserves.
7. There are a number of endemic animal species on Tioman, which means they're found only here and nowhere else in the world. Examples are the Tioman walking catfish and the Kajang slender litter frog.
8. Tioman's Devil's Peak is so characteristic that it was an important navigation point for ancient merchant ships traveling between China, the Middle East and as far away as Europe. Tioman also used to be a regular stop-over for these traders to stock up on water, bananas and timber.
9. Some of the coves on Tioman are known to have been Pirate hide-outs in the past. Their swift, well-armed and manoeuvrable vessels would regularly ambush the more sluggish and heavily-laden trading ships and then loot their cargo. In fact, legend has it that there may still be treasure buried in Tioman.
10. Buildings on Tioman are not permitted to have more than 3 stories.
11. Bonus fact: Tioman is a duty free zone and offers a decent selection of alcohol and tobacco products at low enough prices.
12. Extra Bonus fact: You can book your hotel or resort at surprisingly low rates from Agoda and Booking.com

Tioman's Sleepy Dragon Mountain welcomes you as your ferry draws near
Tioman's Sleepy Dragon Mountain welcomes you as your ferry draws near

Mersing Harbour Centre

This is where you collect the ferry tickets you booked online. The complex also has a great food and drinks section, as well as a decent number of cool shops for some last-minute retail therapy, before hopping onto your ferry. Find out more...

Tioman Spa

Pulau Tioman offers several Spa and Wellness Centres that you should give a try. You can select the type of treatment you want from this website, as it lists each of Tioman's resorts and hotels that feature Spa therapies. Find out more...

Tioman Honeymoon

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