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Customer Testimonials

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Apart from being trusted and endorsed by Tioman's hotels, scuba diving centers and travel blogs, our commitment to provide our passengers with a worry-free journey to Tioman is reflected by the countless happy reviews we receive personally.

A big "Thank you!" to everyone who took the time to send us a happy little note.

From Singapore to Tioman or from Kuala Lumpur to Tioman, by car, taxi, bus and of course by ferry, we aim for a care-free trip to our little paradise island. But in the event you need some assistance along the way, we'll be there for you too.

"Bryan, I can't thank you enough, the tickets were here waiting for us and so all of the team have smiles from ear to ear! Every time I have asked for help you have provided and have been an excellent ambassador of your company. Well done!!!"
-- Grant, UK --

"I would like to congratulate you guys on a job well done, organizing this package! All the staff were very friendly and helpful and greeted us with warmth. At each section of the journey, we were very well informed, never felt lost. Any of our enquiries were promptly replied and each were detailed and tailored to the guests' needs. I would especially like to thank Mr. Iwan for being a wonderful tour guide and Mr. David Lee, the ferry ride coordinator. A round of applause for all!!!"
-- Eileen, Singapore --

"Thank you very much for making the arrangements. Thank you for your extremely useful advice and the relevant phone numbers. Your service and attention to detail is excellent. I truly appreciate it and will certainly recommend your booking service to friends and family, as well as leave a positive review at the end of my trip."
-- Patricia, UK --

"A personal note of thanks for helping us secure our tickets and making our weekend memorable. Appreciate your help!"
-- Jayendra, India --

"I would just like to say thank you so much for all your help which was up and above your call of duty!! We would love to return to Tioman or one of the neighbouring Islands at some point - the journey was well worth the effort."
-- Linda, Britain --

"The van to and from Mersing went perfectly. Given the number of people that we met on the island that were having issues with transport, it was great to have everything sorted with a reliable company. The drivers were very professional, punctual, and the vans were great. I would happily travel again with you, and will be recommending you to anyone who wishes to travel to Mersing."
-- Matt, Singapore --

"I just got some feedback from our crew saying it was a really great trip! Thank you and Erwan, it was a pleasure working with you guys! cu next time on Tioman! :)"
-- Nicolai, Germany --

"I and my family very much liked our travel on the ferry on Tioman and back. I will be glad to take advantage of your services again."
-- Roman, Russia --

"Dear Bryan, We got back to France now and I would like to thank you again for your follow-up and your drivers, everything went smoothly thanks to you."
-- Jocelyne, France --

"Bryan, thank you very much! You provide a very good and fast service!!!!"
-- Silke, Germany --

"Thank you very much !! I am very pleased to have met you and your professional help! Best regards."
-- Mirco --

"Even though this trip did not happen due to aforementioned reasons, I am very impressed with your service and care and I aim to visit Tioman at some point so will definitely go through you and your company."
-- Suzanne, Singapore --

"Many thanks to the quick respond to my request! Super customer service!"
-- Kervin, Singapore --

"Hi Bryan, what amazing detailed information and customer service!"
-- Jennifer --

"You have been more than helpful and thank you kindly for your fast replies. You have made this process not only easy but enjoyable even before I’ve reached Tioman!"
-- Jill, Singapore --

"Problem solved! Round tickets bought thanks to your great service and your kindness."
-- Aude --

"I've been recommending to guests that they book ahead for the ferry and your website is the only one I recommend. You are incredibly helpful, kind, and personal, which is exactly what we want for our guests."
-- Aimee, Melina Beach Resort, Tioman Island --

"Thanks Bryan! You have been absolutely wonderful to work with. Thank you for all your help and your amazingly quick communication."
-- Mark, USA --

"Thank you very much for letting us know our guests' ferry details. Really appreciate your help and hope to continue working with you."
-- Sue, Tioman Island --

"As most of our guest are foreigners, your service is helping them a lot so that they know their trip here are well sort after already."
-- Ben, Tioman Island --

"Thank you For the impeccable service Bryan. "
-- Marnix, Holland --

"Thanks Bryan, you've been incredibly helpful :)"
-- CV, Australia --

"Staff at the hotel were friendly, room was perfect and the ferry tickets were very easy to grab. Pretty much a 5/5 experience."
-- Tuomas, Finland --

"Thank you so much for your impeccable and prompt service!"
-- Jen, Australia --

"Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooo much! What can I bring you from Germany? I took so much from your time and patience and I am so happy now. Let me know I you are in Mersing or Tioman or Singapore so I can bring you a little gift."
-- Lo, Germany --

"Thank you so much for your prompt and efficient response, I very much appreciate it, as it is very difficult to get multi-transport bookings right when you are thousands of miles away. Again, thank you for your kindness."
-- Ita --

"I wanted to thank you anyway for your kindness and reactivity. It has beeen very much appreciated."
-- Julien, France --

"Thanks for that last-minute reservation of our ferry and room."
-- Laure, Switzerland --

"Thank you so much, you have been very helpful with your proffesional and quick answers."
-- Sonja, Denmark --

"Everything went according to plan and the trip to KL went fine. Thank you for organizing our trip to Tioman. We are very satisfied with the transport."
-- Per, Norway --

"Many thanks for your kind email and your super professional efficiency, as always. Infinite thanks for everything, you did an amazing job :) "
-- Francine, Singapore --

"We had the most wonderful time at Tioman, thanks to you and your expert guidance. "
-- Vibha, India --

"I thought the service you provided was terrific - it certainly helps travellers make the journey much easier. "
-- Kiki, UK --

"Thank you for your efficiency! "
-- Amy --

"How can I thank you enough for being so helpful. Once again a big thank you for your assistance and putting our mind at rest that the tickets for the ferry are now booked. "
-- Marilyn, Cyprus --

"Thank you very much for your kind assistance!"
-- Veronika, Germany --

"A big thank you for your speed and professionalism."
-- Michel, France --

"You've been very helpful, and I hope to be a customer in the future! Thank you, and I hope that your company appreciates your attentiveness."
-- Gwen, USA --

"Thanks a lot for your professional support."
-- Guillaume, France --

"Thank you very much for your quick response. You have been very helpful."
-- May, Singapore --

"I am the younger sister of Mr Hu Jin Jie, the Singaporean diver who was rescued alongside five others. Many people offered strong support to my family during this time of crisis. We are extremely grateful to Tioman Ferry. After hearing about how we were unable to catch the last ferry leaving Mersing at 4.30pm, they made an extra effort to liaise with others to provide special transportation for us. They arranged for a van to ferry us from our home in Singapore to Mersing, and were even prepared to arrange for other emergency transport services for us. They offered continual assistance, and provided us with a listening ear. They also gave us the latest updates on the divers."
-- Hu Li Lin (Miss), Singapore --

"We had a lovely time, Tioman is a beautiful snorkelling destination. You guys are great!! We shall recommend your services to our friends of course."
-- Von, Singapore --

"We successfully collected the tickets. Thanks so much for the stellar service! I am extremely impressed by your customer orientation. Please forward this also to your colleague Mr Iwan. I'll gladly use your ferry again and will post my satisfaction on the Internet."
-- Martin, Germany --

"Thank you very much. You have been very helpful. Wonderful customer service!"
-- Natalie --

"Dear Bryan, Thank you for the very quick handling when we arrived at Mersing last Sunday. Everything worked perfect and we arrived fast and well at Genting."
-- Jutta, Switzerland --

"Thank you again for all your help - I would not be able to make it happen without your attendance."
-- Michal, Poland --

"Thanks so much for all this!! Awesome service :-)
-- Schirin --

"Bryan – I have to say – you are really a very helpful person. Much appreciate your kind assistance."
-- Akash, Singapore --

"My friend and me we want to thank you for all your help you gave us on our trip to tioman and back! We are back in germany now and always thinking of the great holiday we had and you guys who were that kind and helpful!!! thanks a lot!!! :-)"
-- Julia, Germany --

"Bryan, thank you for all your assistance – you have been very helpful. Looking forward to our trip."
-- Trent, Australia --

"Thanks a lot for this. It will b really helpful as you are. Really nice support I got from you. Hope to meet you when I'm in Singapore for a drink "
-- Hemal, India --

"Thank you Bryan. We feel more relaxed now! Thanks for you extra service. Nice weekend!"
-- Sven, Norway --

"I am amazed at your customer service. Everything is so organised. Thanks."
-- Ed --

"Many thanks for your outstanding service."
-- Ken, USA --

"Thanks for sorting out my ferry tickets to tioman. David was absolutely brilliant in Mersing. He got me on the right bus back to KL during a very hectic weekend. He's a real credit to your company - so well done both of you."
-- Nick, UK --

"Thank you so much for your email and all your help - it's be very reassuring to know there is someone we can ask questions of! We look forward to sailing with you!"
-- Lyn --

"Just a FYI, everything went well, and the usual assigned driver is always helpful and great! Cheers and keep up the great service!"
-- Chris, Singapore --

"Thank you for your perfect service. :)"
-- Patrick, Germany --

"I would like to thank you for all your kind assistance and I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to your colleague David. My wife and I are very grateful for his help. You were also very helpful when my wife rang you on the day we were traveling to ask you about ferry times. Thank you to both of you for the great work you do and keep up it up. I look forward to booking with you in the near future."
-- Wail, Australia --

"We received the emails with ferry booking details and are very pleased with the excellent information and service."
-- Manfred, Germany --

"Tioman Ferry's service and follow-up is prompt and assuring. Apart from ferry tickets, their website also offers bus and hotel booking options. Their informative emails are to-the-point and contain all relevant information a visitor would need to plan his/her trip."
-- Andy, Singapore --

"Thank you once again. You have been most helpful, and I will ensure my friends and family know about this for when they come to Tioman Island."
-- Joe --

"Thank you very much. I really appreciate the outstanding quality of your service! "
-- Manuel, Germany --

"Let me express my heartfelt appreciation to you for your benevolent support. I'm looking forward visiting Tioman Island on next month."
-- Masao, Japan --

"I cant thank you enough, you have made what seemed to be quite impossible, very possible. Thanks again."
-- Sally, Australia --

"Fantastic news! Can't thank you enough. Appreciate all your efforts."
-- Grant, UK --

"Many thanks for the swift respons and impeccable service!"
-- Marnix, Belgium --

"Everything went fine and we are now certified PADI divers. All the guys at the diving centre were really cool and helped us with our questions. Thank you for arranging this course at such short notice!"
-- Benjamin, Sweden --

"All good. Thanks Bryan. Really appreciate all your responsive and informative replies. Excellent stuff!"
-- Paul --

"Thank you for all that. Much appreciated. Will make sure I spread the good word about how easy/supportive your website is in terms of booking tickets."
-- Jonathan, Singapore --

"Everything went very smoothly when we were picked up on Saturday. The driver was waiting for us in Mersing as arranged (it was really useful having the car registration number). Both my husband and myself said how well organised the transfer to and from Singapore was. Thank you for everything that you did - we were most impressed with the whole service."
-- Caroline, UK --

"It's nice to learn that this little bit of paradise is your home away from home. You've been so helpful. I like to imagine you here, along with all the other friendly people."
-- Amy --

"Thank you for your efficiency and details.... We are very much appreciate and hope to enjoy your service in the future.... "
-- Johnson, Malaysia --

"Thank you again, for your very professional assistance and flexibility. I really appreciate it."
-- Andrew --

"The trip was wonderful and this is a token of appreciation for you and your team for the good arrangements made in such short notice."
-- Shahabaz, Singapore --

"Just wanted to say how great your staff was in Mersing. Everything went smooth and the guy you have working there was wonderful. Thanks for the service."
-- Jason, Singapore --

"Thank you soooo much!! Thanks to you I will be able to catch my bus! Greatest help!!"
-- Helene, Holland --

"The trip was awesome. Just like what you decribed. The jungle is like being in Jurassic Park. I personally felt we were lost in the Amazon Jungle seeking the lost temple of ancient Mayans."
-- Zul, Malaysia --

"Excellent. I hope there are more folks like you in the services industry with such quick and apt responses."
-- Janani --

"Thank you for your fast and detailed response, I really appreciate it! Looking forward to a nice trip in Tioman very soon :-)"
-- Dimitar --

"Everything went real good. Driver was on time and knew where to go. We would recommend you in the future. Thanks"
-- Brian, USA --

" I just want to say thank you, I have received excellent customer service."
-- Hannah --

"Everything go according to plan even though there is a last minute request for a mini-van, I was very appreciative that you are able to provide me one. I am happy with the services from you and your mini van crew and I will definitely consider your company again for any land transportation needed to go to Malaysia."
-- Lambert, Singapore --

"Your information was good as usual !!! Thank you again for all your email about the ferry to answer to my questions and requests."
-- Vincent --

"Thank you very much for all your help. Our trip has been amazing. "
-- Jenny, UK --

"Your detailed email explanation is highly appreciated ! For me the first timer with whole family, that's really helpful ! Thanks !"
-- Junying, Singapore --

"Thank you so much for your help and all the information! "
-- Sjoerd, Netherlands --

" are a superstar and I thank you very much for your excellent help and assistance."
-- Donna, Australia --

"Thank you very much for your prompt and kind support. My family and me we appreciate very much your help to enjoy the trip to Tioman."
-- Christoph, Germany --

"Thanks again for your prompt communications and excellent customer service. "
-- Gary --

"I will be happy to recommend your boat service to others. All went very smooth. "
-- Tilman, Germany --

"I had a great experience here with Tioman Ferry. Everything went smoothly and as planned. My PADI trip couldn't have been more perfect. Bryan, my contact person, was very helpful throughout the whole process, responsive with replying my emails and providing information. Very much recommend going with them!"
-- Aloysious Chow, Singapore --

"I want to thank you again for all your help with this trip and arrangements. You have been the most helpful person I have ever dealt with on these type matters!"
-- John, USA --

"All of us love your service! It was more than expected. Van was comfy and drivers were super friendly and on time. Will definitely recommmend your service to our friends and families. Keep it up! Will definitely use your service for future Malaysia trip. Thanks you so much"
-- Aishah, Singapore --

"Again, I want to thank you for your assistance, nothing short of wonderful! Appreciate your time."
-- Janine --

"Many thanks Bryan for your kind service and helpful information."
-- Doug, Singapore --

"Thank you very much. Your customer service is excellent. We are looking forward to traveling with"
-- Veronika, Germany --

"Thank you for your quick reply and for your efficient job. Our trip to Tioman went smoothly; thanks to you. Overall it has been a wonderful experience."
-- Christine, France --

"It was a great trip. Thank you for the assistance."
-- Sanjay, Singapore --

"Thanks so much Bryan you've been a fantastic help."
-- Karen, UK --

"Everything was great!! Our guide was veryyy good he knew places where rafflesia grew so we were lucky to see it. Hi gave us a lot of information about the nature. Many thanks for a such a nice trek!!!!"
-- Polina, Russia --

"The service you offer is fantastic! I will definitely recommend you to my contacts!"
-- Fabrizio --

"Thank you very much for your email- I am so impressed with the service that we have received- so quick and efficient and a great website!"
-- Anna --

"It is really true, you and your company offer a great customer friendly service! Carry on with that."
-- Thoralf, Germany --

"Many thanks for your kind, prompt and tailor-made answer :) Your service is very professional :) "
-- Francine --

"Thank you so much for your quick reply!! You and David's service is simply outstanding!!! I am very, very impressed with you and David and please tell him a large thank you also from me regarding his very great kindness in handling everything with our lost luggage. But surely we are immensely impressed with all the Malaysian kindness and hospitality. We will definitely be back!!"
-- Lisbeth --

"Thank you for being a wonderful guide throughout this process. "
-- Divyanshu --

"I just wanted to say how brilliant your taxi driver and his son were picking up my parents and grandfather. "
-- Harriet, Singapore --

"You've been fantastically helpful. I met your operator at the Mersing jetty and he sorted everything. Great service!"
-- John, UK --

"Thanks for your arrangement. We enjoyed Tioman, thanks to your arrangement."
-- Tetsu, Japan --

-- Martin, Tanglin Trust School, Singapore --
"Brilliant trip - many thanks to your staff for your help. Really impressed with the way the venue worked and all the activities. I am sure we will be back."

"All went according to plan and we found the driver to be very helpful, pleasant and patient - please pass the compliment on to him. Overall, we were very happy, in particular with the excellent liaison from your quarter."
-- Jude, UK --

"Thanks a million for confirming the ferry times and the thorough explanation! "
-- Lobke --

"Thanks a lot Bryan, your information is very clear and you've been very helpful. :)"
-- Marion, Singapore --

"You are super customer support person !! Thank you very much for giving us your reply even it's Sunday... We thank you very much for all your attention and support. Your supports are really impressive for me ! Great thanks !"
-- Toshimasa, Japan --

"The trip was the best I have had so far. Looking forward to visiting Tioman again!"
-- Akhil, India --

" Excellent. Thank you for your help and speedy reply!"
-- Steven, Singapore --

"The diving was great, the resort basic but more than adequate. all, a really enjoyable weekend. Thanks guys!"
-- Henk, Holland --

"The trip was really great overall and very smooth."
-- Jenny, USA --

"Thank you for your very clear reply. It is such a relief to correspond with someone who understands!"
-- Sarah, Australia --

"I really appreciate your constant help in my booking and registration.
-- Ankit, India --

"Many thanks for helping out. I feel so much more confident now and can look forward to our trip. Many thanks for your excellent personal service."
-- Magnus, UK --

"Thanks so much for your prompt action and return emails. The efficiency astounds me and is great to see!!!!"
-- Robin, New Zealand --

"Thanks again for your very efficient services, and Tioman is still on my must visit list some time later. Can only recommend your service to others."
-- Rob --

"I am quite surprised by your quality of service. This is great!"
-- Betrand, France --

"Thank you for your kind and quick answer and customer service. Everything was perfect - the hotel in Mersing, the ferry trip and of course Tioman itself! It was so much fun to travel in Malaysia!!!"
-- Nicole, Switzerland --

"Just to say that you've been an absolute honey with all your ongoing info and updates."
-- Edwin, France --

"We had a very good weekend, and I would definitely recommend you for other guests and friends who want to spend a weekend at Tioman."
-- Eric, Singapore --

"I would like to let you know that we had a great time diving in Tioman last weekend, thanks to you and your team fine arrangements."
-- Yan Yan, Malaysia --

"All the arrangements were perfect and we really had amazing trip in Tioman. The hotel staff and Ivan were really great, helpful at all times. I really thank you for making the outstanding arrangements and making our trip memorable. Thanks again!"
-- Sahil, Singapore --

"Thank you very much! World seems to be much better with helpful people like you :)"
-- Anna --

" Thank you so much for your fast and good cooperation, Bryan, you're a life savor. Really appreciated."
-- Salem, Singapore --

"I wish I had spoken to you earlier. Thanks very much for all your help."
-- Fergus, Australia --

"Everything went fine with the booking, we had a pleasant trip to Tioman. Thank you for that!"
-- Béla, Hungary --

"Thank you for your immediate response. We had a wonderful time in Tioman"
-- Alejandra, Philippines --

"We're happy with the service provided and will look to you for future services."
-- Joseph, Singapore --

"It has been fantastic to deal with you- Really great customer service. I am not sure if you have a manager at your company, but if you do please could you pass this on to him."
-- Yaniv --

"Thank you for the follow up, really appreciate the good service you provide."
-- Jasmine --

"Great, thank you so much, I'm very happy with your response since the beginning, keep your good work up."
-- Krishnababu --

"Thanks for all your help, you guys are brill."
-- Sarah, UK --

"Thank you ever so much. I am really impressed with your friendly, prompt and professional support."
-- Raj --

"Thank you for your support and patience with our trip. Perfectly arranged in combination with Axel and you. Well done! And it is great there indeed! And ... on our first trip to turtle island we saw egg-laying sea turtles as well as turtle hatchlings that came out of the sand in real time."
-- Ronny and family, Holland --

"It was very good Bryan. Thanks for all your help and I appreciate it."
-- Bhargav, Singapore --

"Thanks a lot :> I am really impressed with your service."
-- Hue-BT, Vietnam --

"A great holiday in Tioman, we really enjoyed our trip. The island and the beaches are so beautiful. We even saw turtles. "
-- Jullienne, Hong Kong --

NOTE: Some testimonials have been edited for brevity.

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