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Pulau Bawah

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If you're looking for a edge-of-the-world kind of paradise, then Pulau Bawah, Anambas, is just the ticket. This private little cluster of barely-there Bounty islands is such a recent discovery that it is still basking in the exquisite tranquillity of its blissful secrecy. For now.

How can a place this beautiful still be so unknown? Without a question, Pulau Bawah is remote. In fact, Pulau Bawah is so remote that the only way to reach its immaculate shores is by dedicated sea plane service.

Picture credit: Chealsea Gates
Welcome to Pulau Bawah Paradise

That said, for those with a bit of patience and a pair of sea legs, you can take a 8-9 hour ferry journey from Tanjung Pinang to the island of Jemaja. Pulau Jemaja, at another 3-4 hour ride by pompom to Pulau Bawah, is Pulau Bawah's nearest neighbor to speak off. By the way, a pompom is a traditional wooden boat, ususally propelled by diesel engine.

Now, whilst this over-sea route is a bit of a mission, Pulau Bawah will have you effortlessly spellbound the moment your little wooden craft enters the little archipelago's sun-kissed fringes. By plane or by boat, Pulau Bawah will have you mesmerized.

Picture credit: Chealsea Gates
Pulau Bawah, a dream come true...

The ideal location for finding complete repose, Pulau Bawah also offers a number of enjoyable diversions that will remain with you long after arriving back in the real world. Snorkeling in Pulau Bawah for example, is nothing short of world-class, courtesy of the breathtaking gin-clear natural lagoons that straddle Pulau Bawah.

The incredible visibility rating of Pulau Bawah's surrounding waters also lends itself for scuba-diving, particularly given the ubiquitous presence of the colourful flora and fauna that abound, not least amongst Pulau Bawah's flourishing coral carpets, still wholly untouched by external influences.

Oh, and if you happen to have brought your SUP board, then the selfies will obviously be unparalelled.

Picture credit: Chealsea Gates
Time stands still in Pulau Bawah

If all that watery recreation sounds like a little bit too much work for you, then rest assured, Pulau Bawah also offers undisturbed opportunity for unapologetic indolence in a secluded kind of serenity that is simply unmatched.

Pulau Bawah truly is Asia's last hidden paradise...

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