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Tioman Amphibia and Reptilia

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From the various surveys done in the past, it's been established that Tioman's different habitats house at least 20 amphibian and 50 reptilian species, not counting the several marine reptile species that are found around Tioman.

In fact, between 1989 and 2000 alone, some 30 additional herpatofaunal species have been added to the list of Pulau Tioman's's species. And additional sampling exercises will almost certainly reveal until now unrecorded species of both reptilia and amphibia.

Tioman amphibians
Tioman's Gunung Kajang jungle

In view of this, it would be quite interesting to examine the amphibian and reptilian composition of Tioman at the present time, since in spite of the flourishing tourism industry on the island, large sections of its interior are still wholly untouched by human interaction.

The reason for this lack of human presence in these areas is the fact that most of man's activities in tioman are concentrated along the island's periphery, particularly in the bays of Genting, Tekek, Salang and the other, usually sheltered, kampungs.

By contrast, the hilly inland sections and rocky coastal swatches tend to be more inaccessible. This also applies to relatively large tracts of Tioman's rainforest. Consequently, these areas of Tioman are still intact and as good as unexplored.

An additional interesting aspect, given the roughly 50 kilometers of separation of Tioman from the Malaysia Peninsula, is the island's relative isolation in the South China Sea.

As a result of this isolation, at least 17 mammal subspecies have been established as endemic to Tioman. So, it's likely that some of Tioman's reptilian and amphibian species, have, over time, similarly become morphologically different from their reptilian and amphibian counterparts on the mainland.

Are you part of a team that's looking to reveal some of Tioman Island's as yet unknowns vis-a-vis its amphibian and/or reptilian taxa? Or perhaps you're an independent zoologist with a keen interest in amphibians and/or reptilians? In both cases, you can use below form to send your inquiry for an experienced trekking guide, well-versed in Tioman's flora and fauna, to navigate you safely through Tioman's rugged terrain.

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