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Feedback from actual Marina Bay Sands Hotel guests

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My family stayed at Marina Bay Sands for just under a week and we were quite in awe of the place. I mean, we all knew that Marina Bay Sands was a top-end hotel, but we were still very impressed. Pretty much all aspects of Marina Bay Sands confirm its rarified air status.

Take the famous infinity pool on the roof that you now see in all Singapore leaflets and brochures. It really is amazing. Of course we had to take that picture with the Singapore skyline panorama in the background. It's way too unique not to.

Welcome to Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Welcome to Marina Bay Sands Hotel

But our room, too, the Marina Bay Sands service, the menu, the location, it's all, without exception, top of the bill.

That sad, if you're looking to penny-pinch, this is probably not the hotel for you. But if you're looking to relax, clear your mind completely and enjoy the finer things in life with your loved ones for a wee while, then Marina Bay Sands is just the ticket for you.

Marina Bay Sands' epic lobby
Marina Bay Sands' epic lobby

However, you need to book in advance because Marina Bay Sands is Singapore's signature hotel and the rooms are in demand as good as year-round.

I rate Marina Bay Sands Hotel 5 stars out of 5
Marina Bay Sands Hotel

We'd heard so much about Marina Bay Sands that when the day came we were in Singapore on a lay-over, we decided to spend a night at this very photogenic hotel. Well, suffice to say that were not disappointed.

Our Marina Bay Sands room had ample space and both interior decoration and amenities were lavish to say the least. Better yet, our wi-fi was ultra-fast. Zoom, YouTube, it was all effortless. This is the life!

Marina Bay Sands' rooms are magnificent Book yours now, swiftly, safely, securely
Marina Bay Sands' rooms are magnificent
Book yours now, swiftly, safely, securely

By the way, we also had a very nice balcony, with a fantastic view. In fact, we dubbed our balcony "Inspiration Point" :)

A special note about the staff at Marina Bay Sands. They are without fail, friendly, helpful and obviously well trained in the field of hospitality. Never servile, always attentive. Chapeau to the staff at Marina Bay Sands.

The infinity pool up on the Marina Bay Sands roof is its main attraction and once you're there, you can see why. The view of Singapore is fully 360 degrees and it is drop-dead gorgeous. I've been to the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building, but these can't really hold a candle to the view from the Skypark on the Marina Bay Sands. Perhaps The Burj in Dubai can give Marina Bay Sands a run for its money, haven't been there yet. But both sunrise and sunset from the Marina Bay Sands rooftop are simply breathtaking.

The Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool, you have to see it to believe it
The Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool,
you have to see it to believe it

Truth be told, everyone should stay at Marina Bay Sands at least once in their lives. Just the fantastic futuristic experience is so worth it.

We rate Marina Bay Sands Hotel 5 stars out of 5
Marina Bay Sands Hotel

We do a yearly pilgrimage to Marina Bay Sands to commemorate our anniversary. In fact, we chose Marina Bay Sands, because we stayed here the first time we visited Singapore during our honeymoon. So it's at Marina Bay Sands that our tradition was born. In hind-sight, we couldn't have picked a better hotel. Yes it's on the pricey side, but, really, Marina Bay Sands is totally worth it.

Marina Bay Sands offers a spa that is truly standard-setting
Marina Bay Sands offers a spa
that is truly standard-setting

As for which room to take, I recommend you take a City Room. Sure, the sea view is nice too. But if you want to see the fantastic mosaic that is Singapore from a bird's-eye view, then the city view is much more rewarding. Plus, there's a spectacular light show down below in the evening. Lovely!

Then again, when you say Marina Bay Sands, the one thing that immediately comes to mind is, what else, the Infinity Pool. It's hard to describe how amazing it is and pictures don't do it any justice either. You really need to be there, to drink in the moment and to see the awesomeness of this Singapore landmark.

Bottom line, for an extraordinary experience, book an extraordinary hotel. Marina Bay Sands.

We rate Marina Bay Sands Hotel 5 stars out of 5
Marina Bay Sands Hotel

I came to Marina Bay Sands for 2 nights, but ended up staying 8 nights. It's humongous, so don't expect a boutique-type feel. However, staff are still personable and keen to assist. At the end of the day, Marina Bay Sands is nothing short of awesome.

That said, I should state that, ideally, money shouldn't be an object if you want to stay here. If you have the budget, then I doubt you'll find a better experience bang for your buck.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore. Fine dining meets exquisite cuisine
Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore
Fine dining meets exquisite cuisine

The infinity pool pretty much defines Marina Bay Sands and it is of course completely out of this world, an absolute must-do. Period.

Meal times are marked by an astonishing array of food options. I tried as many dishes as I could and to my amazement, they were all superb. Then again, it shouyldn't be a surprise, given the various celebrity chefs at Marina Bay Sands.

Meanwhile, the bed in my room was extremely comfortable. Its only downside is that I now know what I'm missing.

Altogether, Marina Bay Sands is a stellar experience. I realize that all this reads a bit like a brochure, but, really, do yourself and your loved ones a favor and stay at Marina Bay Sands if you can. Book in advance and just spend a couple of completely care-free days in the oasis that is Marina Bay Sands.

I rate Marina Bay Sands Hotel 5 stars out of 5
Marina Bay Sands Hotel

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