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Pulau Pemanggil

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Equidistant between Pulau Tioman and Pulau Aur, about 30 miles east of Mersing, lies the somewhat mysterious island Pulau Pemanggil. Its name means "Calling Island" in English and is derived from the ancient legend that Pemanggil called out, days and night, to the seafaring merchants and fishermen of yore that used to sail within earshot.

Whilst perhaps not quite as a firm a legend these days as previously, Pulau Pemanggil nevertheless still commands a great deal of respect from those that make their living in the surrounding waters. In fact, modern days notwithstanding, Batu Buau, a massive monolith sitting sphinx-like at the centre of the island, is still considered sacred amongst many local islanders.

One of Pulau Pemanggil's stunning beaches
One of Pulau Pemanggil's stunning beaches

Still, Pulau Pemanggil has too much recreational potential to sit idly by in mere mystery. To wit the several resorts that provide rooms for scubadivers, deep-sea anglers and other holiday-makers. The hotel rooms on Pulau pemanggil may not be the swankiest in the region, but guests invariably find what they seek.

For one thing, Pulau Pemanggil finds itself in fertile fishing grounds. Particularly, pelagic fish, such as mackerel and skipjack tuna abound here. But marlin and sailfish, too, are caught with decent frequency. Please note that these latter 2 species are subject to catch, tag and release, or at least catch and release.

Paradise: Pulau Pemanggil
Paradise: Pulau Pemanggil

And given the abundance of marine life, both of the vertebrate and invertebrate persuasion, those with a passion for the underwater world will find Pulau Pemanggil's offerings a veritable treasure.

But if your wants and needs include nothing more than snow-white powder-sugar beaches, calm emerald-hued waters and coconut trees waving in the breeze, then you'll find that Pulau Pemanggil offers all of this, in spades. Not to mention the kind of awesome tranquillity that only a secluded paradise island like Pulau Pemanggil can offer.

Pulau Pemanggil's sacred beauty, Batu Buau
Pulau Pemanggil's mystical totem, Batu Buau

But Pulau Pemanggil also has plenty of goodness in store for landlubbers with a desire for challenging recreational activities. Take, for example, Pulau Pemanggil's still-pristine jungle that lends itself perfectly for an interesting hike.

Or, for the even more adventurous-inclined, have a go at Pulau Pemanggil's tall outcropping, the summit of which rewarding those that make it this high up with breathtaking panoramas of a deep blue sea as far as you can see. A true bird's-eye view if ever there was one. Selfie anyone?

How to get to Pulau Pemanggil

To visit Pulau Pemanggil, you need to firstly make your way to the Johor seaside town of Mersing, the take-off point to most islands off the southeastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. From Singapore, this usually takes 3 hours, either by bus or by taxi (See below to book). From Kuala Lumpur, it can take up to 5 hours. Once in Mersing, you can charter a speedboat to Pulau Pemanggil. Alternatively, you book a room on one of Pulau Pemanggil's hotels', who will then arrange for a pickup from Mersing. The boat ride to Pulau pemanggil will take about 3 hours, but is very scenic, so keep your camera stand-by.

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