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Pulau Dayang

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Located a literal stone's throw away from Pulau Aur lies its smaller sibling, Pulau Dayang. Pulau Dayang is known primarily as a scuba-diving island for aficionados from Singapore, Malaysia, as well as from further afield.

That being said, as Dayang is surrounded by sea water of an intense Maldivian blue hue, this little island gem also offers plenty of qualities for landlubbers in search of a weekend get-away, amongst them the countless sun worshippers and beach vacationers that frequent Dayang most weekends.

Pulau Dayang Beach

Apart from the island's obvious recreational features, Pulau Dayang also played quite an important role in history. Its fresh water and coconut abundance didn't go unnoticed by early sea-faring merchants, who used to sail their junks in search of other traders. Dayang's sheltered shores enabled the sailors to use it as a regular stop-over of choice, since it was quite safe to go on land for some time stock up on fresh water and other supplies. Coconuts in particular were desirable for their edible flesh.

Pulau Dayang Beach

Fast-forward to today and you'll find plenty of basic cottage and dorm-type accommodation just behind Dayang's snowy-white stretch of beach, typically occupied by weekend warriors, keen on exploring Dayang's sub-marine attractions by day and playing beach volleyball, followed by chillaxing, by night.

Pulau Dayang Beach

If you're interested in getting your Open Water scuba permit, then consider Pulau Dayang, for two reasons:

Pulau Dayang Beach

1) The various scuba locations around Pulau Dayang are suitable for early entries into the scuba world, because they're fairly easy to dive. (Read: awesome visibility, comfortable sea temperature, mild currents)

2) Pulau Dayang has been included in the Marine Park Zone of Johor's archipelago; hence its environment enjoys extensive protection. As such, it features a comprehensive diversity of marine wildlife.

In fact, apart from the occasional whale shark, don't be surprised to also come face to face with rays, barracuda and sharks. And deep-sea fishermen come to Pulau Dayang in hopes of catching* that most magnificent of all trophy fish, the marlin, which tend to roam this neck of the woods. (*Catch, tag and release).

Dayang is also known for its awesome scenery, its rugged boulder-laden landscape and its uncanny throw-back ambience that, rather than the here and now, more closely resembles an ancient place and time. So bring your camera.

TIP: Note that November to the end of December is monsoon season, a period with strong northeasterly winds, rain and high waves. This time is not the best for scuba diving, because the sea will be murky with sediment. The best time to go to Pulau Dayang is from January to September/October with the June/August months offering the highest water visibility and calmest sea surface. Expect a few local squalls every few days or so, which, typically, are welcome, as they clear up in about an hour, leaving the air cool and vibrant.

How to make your way to Pulau Dayang

Most Pulau Dayang visitors come in with a dive company, either from Singapore or Malaysia. Typically, you're collected from their designated pick-up point, after which your shuttle or van heads for Mersing, usually about a 2-3 hour drive. From Mersing, the dive boat departs around midnight, arriving in Dayang by about 5 am. Keep in mind that the boat doesn't always have dedicated sleeping quarters, so you may need to crash on the boat's deck.

If you prefer to go to Dayang on your own accord, then you can use either bus or taxi and private speedboat. (See below for bus/taxi booking details).

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The bus and coach operators go to Mersing once per day. As such, we highly recommend reserving your tickets before they're fully booked.

NOTE: Peak season is !

If you prefer the convenience of a private vehicle to Mersing, click here for available taxi models and respective rates.

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