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Pulau Tioman or Mauritius?

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If you're aching for blue skies and lazy afternoons under a sun-dappled coconut tree, but you're caught in two minds: Tioman Island or Mauritius, then let this article help you tip the balance.

Robinson Crusoe, eat your heart out

Let's face it, both Tioman and Mauritius are blessed with breathtaking beaches, coconut trees waving in the breeze and azure-hued waters all around. Both Tioman and Mauritius are right up there in the paradise beach sweepstakes. Both offer awesome excursions and day-trips, at sea and on land, because both are rich in natural treasures. And both have two seasons: a warm sunny season and a somewhat cooler windy season.

However, there are quite a few differences between Tioman and Mauritius.


Possibly the main difference is the way Mauritius is accessible exclusively by air. So you need to fly in, unless of course you own your own yacht. Tioman is serviced by an air operator too, but the main mode of transport used to visit Tioman is the ferry. The ferry from Mersing to be precise. This could render Tioman a little more budget-friendly than Mauritius right off the bat.

Size & Infrastructure

Tioman and Mauritius also differ in their size and infrastructure. Whereas Mauritius is considerable in surface area and, as a result, features a well developed road network, Tioman has, all told, one road, i.e. from Tekek to Condotel Horizon Resort. To be sure, there's a connection between Tekek and Juara too, but it's a little precarious to be considered a proper road. There's also a track along Juara's coast. Again, not really a fully-fledged road, however. The fact that it's only accessible to Jeeps is indicative of its rugged state.

Vegetation & Vistas

Tioman and Mauritius are covered by generous greenery. But the vegetation in Tioman is mostly rainforest, whereas Mauritius' botanical ecology is more of the temperate kind, which tends to be not quite as dense as Tioman's thick verdant jungle. That said, both islands offer plenty of wonderful vistas, in part also due to their undulating landscapes.

Hotels & Resorts

As for hotels and accommodation, the two islands are a fair match. Each offers quite a range of accommodation styles and budgets. From backpacker-type right up to 5-stars.

Examples of resorts/hotels in Tioman: Berjaya Resort, Bagus Place, Santai Bistro Restaurant and Chalet, Tunamaya Resort & Spa and Japamala

Examples of resorts/hotels in Mauritius: Holiday Inn Mauritius Mon Trésor, Laguna Beach Hotel & Spa, Sea Villa Mauritius, Chantauvent Guesthouse and Maritim Resort & Spa

Hopefully, above run-down has made it a little easier for you to decide which of the two stunning islands, Mautitius or Tioman, will be the one you choose of your next holiday.

[Edit: The flight to Tioman has been suspended for the time being. The service may be resumed in 2024. More info? Click here.]

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