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Feedback from an actual Salang Hut guest

As the name implies, Salang Hut is located in the Tioman village of Salang. It's actually the very last place to stay on Tioman and its chalet cluster sits at the island's most-northerly point. In practice, this meant that we were away from the noisy comings and goings commotion that's pretty typical of the jetty area at each of Tioman's villages. In fact, the little Salang Hut corner is indeed blissfully quiet. Mind you, Salang Hut is still close enough to Salang's provisions stores and restaurants for a quick pit stop. Win-win I'd say.

Now, truth be told, the bungalows at Salang Hut aren't exactly the newest in Tioman. This also applied to ours. A bit of a touch-up here and there wouldn't go amiss actually. However, there are so many aspects of Salang Hut that easily make up for any lack of glam that I lost count. Let me try to paint a picture of how idyllic this little slice or paradise really is.

For starters, the vistas at Salang Hut are simply spectacular. Salang Hut is blessed by a lush emerald jungle in back and a gin-clear azure sea in front of its chalets. Whenever I was outside, I felt like we were living in a holiday brochure.

The views were absolutely breathtaking. But it wasn't just the views. The jungle's constant hum and the perpetual splashing of the waves on the beach were almost hypnotic. Suffice to say that we slept like a rock every single night.

Since Salang Hut faces the west, we got treated to a beautiful sunset every evening. It became our daily routine: sunset-gazing from our Salang Hut chalet balcony, followed by cold drinks whilst enjoying idle banter and the ever so enchanting tropical mood.

Room-wise, Salang Hut isn't to write home about. Well, that is, apart from the decorations, which are unique for each Salang Hut chalet and a little off-beat in a new-agey kind of way. It certainly looks quite different from any other chalet we stayed at, so well done to the designer.

But just so you know, there's no air-con and no tv. Then again, who needs air-con when you've got the sea breeze to keep you cool? And who needs tv when you've got nature's multicolored entertainment everywhere you look?

What you do get at Salang Hut is a shower with nippy water. You also get a fan. But we didn't use it, because it just made us feel clammy.

Of course, this basic set-up is reflected in the room Salang Hut rates, which are quite low, particularly when you consider that you're staying in nothing short of paradise. So if your budget is tight, think salang Hut. But best you reserve your room before you go, because when we were there, all Salang Hut rooms were booked out pretty much consistently

So to recap then, my girlfriend and I loved our stay at Salang Hut. In fact, we considered ourselves lucky to have found There isn't a lot that beats laying in a swaying hammock on the beach in sun-kissed paradise. Although the snorkeling we did came a close second.

Tip: If you're into scuba-diving, there's a few dive schools in Salang and a couple of decent dive spots not too far away. Try the local food at the nearby restaurant; we found it better than par for the course. Also, ask Louis to arrange a jungle walk for you. The jungle here is the real McCoy - exciting stuff. Let me repeat that you better book in advance if you want to stay at Salang Hut. By the way, you can negotiate a lower room rate if you intend to stay for a longer time. Lastly, snorkeling equipment is for rent at Salang Hut. Last-minutes available. No booking fee.

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Welcome to Salang Hut
Welcome to Salang Hut

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