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Feedback from an actual RN Global House guest

RN Global House, in Tekek, is not quite a beach chalet. Come to that, it's about as far removed from a regular beach chalet as it can be. But for what it offers, i.e. provide a comfortable house-type accommodation for a large group of close-knit people, it ticks all the boxes.

We booked RN Global House for three main reasons:

1. Our group, comprising 11 travelers, was relatively large.
2. We preferred a homestay arrangement in a house environment.
3. We wanted to stay in Tioman for an extended period of time.

We stayed in the RN Global House standalone bungalow, which is actually intended for self-catering groups and so was perfect for us. The unit consisted of various bedrooms, a lounge/tv room, a full-on kitchen and hot-shower bathrooms. The bungalow was very roomy and had more than enough amenities for us to be fully self-supportive, including a fridge/freezer, a tea/coffee kettle, as well as cooking equipment and utensils.

All RN Global House rooms were fully air-conditioned and this really was quite indispensable, because the month we were in Tioman, July, is pretty much the hottest month of the year. I don't know if it's even feasible staying in a room in Tioman without air-con, especially once you've got the sun's glow in your skin if you know what I mean. Our RN Global House air-cons were a blessing.

We also liked the countless facilities offered by RN Global House. The free Wi-Fi, the proximity to the beach, the shade-dappled cabana out front, the bicycle/moped rental and the various nearby provisions shops.

And we thoroughly appreciated the ride from the ferry jetty to RN Global House by the RN Global House staff. Thanks guys!

In fact, what's important to know, if you're thinking of staying at RN Global House during your Tioman trip, is how RN Global House is quite centrally located. It's right behind a row of eateries, both halal and non-halal, and it's only a stone's throw away from a great little beach bistro called Tioman Cabana. Plus, it's not far from the Tekek Marina, the Tekek ferry jetty and it's also just a few minutes from the road up to Kampong Juara. RN Global House: never a dull moment :)

We'd decided to let RN Global House fix up our scuba package and this worked out great for us. I lost count of the number of dives we went on, but our group unanimously chose Soyak Island and Tiger Reef as the best scuba spots, followed closely by Pulau Renggis. Mind you, Renggis is not your typical scuba dive spot, because it's real close to Tioman and pretty shallow too, but the visibility there was above par compared to most dive locations I've been to, easily 30 m.

So, if you're intending to scuba off Tioman, we recommend these three locations first and foremost.

Lastly, FYI, RN Global House can also arrange for snorkeling/island-hopping/fishing trips. We'd brought back quite a catch of fish and squid the day we took out the boat, and that night, our last night on Tioman, RN Global House had set up a superb farewell BBQ feast for us all. How awesome is that?

Tip: Obviously, RN Global House can only take one or two groups before their units are all booked up, so if you're interested in staying in one of their bungalows, then it's advisable that you book early, especially during public holidays and school holidays. Last-minutes available. No booking fee.

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Welcome to RN Global House
Welcome to RN Global House

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Book your RN Global House now

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