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Pulau Besar

Pulau Besar means "Big Island" in Malay. But, the island's full name used to be Pulau Babi Besar, where "Babi" stood for the wild boars that used to roam the island. Eventually however, the boar population tapered off to none, at which point it was decreed the island's name would henceforth be just Pulau Besar.

The boars may no longer remain, but what Pulau Besar does still offer is breathtaking beaches galore, sapphire-hued waters, coconuts swaying in a breeze and endless powdery white sand trickling between your toes.

Nominated marine park status to protect its unspoilt natural environment from detrimental elements, Pulau Besar features an abundance of wildlife, both above and below the waterline. Coral gardens abound, as do countess invertebrate and vertebrate marine species.

Land lubbers too, though, can have a blast in Pulau Besar, because the island's patches of rainforest still house plenty of still pristine flora and fauna. Want to make like Tarzan of the Jungle? Be our guest; jungle trek activities are available in Pulau Besar.

Other fun activities on and around Pulau Besar include fishing, island-hopping to Pulau Harimau, beach volleyball, kayaking and lots more.

But you'll find that Pulau Besar is a veritable magnet for scuba and snorkel aficionados especially, for the simple fact that it's absolutely magic down there. So perhaps best slip on your flippers and strap on your dive mask after you're done with your jungle adventure. You won't regret it :)

How to go to Pulau Besar

To make your way to Besar Island, you have to first travel to the seaside town of Mersing. Mersing is the de facto jumping off board to the various Johor and Pahang islands off Malaysia's east coast. You can take either bus or taxi to Mersing. Once in Mersing, you can reserve a speedboat to any of Pulau Besar's resorts including Aseania Resort.

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Pulau Besar
Your private little paradise: Pulau Besar

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