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Tioman Ferry Tickets
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Paintball - lock and load!

Paintball is an awesome fun activity where players compete, either in teams or on an individual basis, by systematically eliminating opponents by means of shooting them, or tagging them, with paint capsules fired from a paint gun. These paintball capsules contain water-soluble and non-toxic dye held together by gelatin shell. Getting hit or tagged doesn't hurt, but it's best to don protective gear all the same.

Paintball is very popular because it pits friends or colleagues, or even family members, against each other in a bare-bones wit-versus-wit battle that's exciting, fun, sometimes even a little wicked, but always good for endless laughs.

The best part of paintball in Tioman is that the paintball arena is a stunning backdrop with breathtaking vistas and plenty of nooks and crannies to take tactical cover in from your "enemy".

Paintball in Tioman is an excellent company event activity, because nothing eliminates barriers and communication issues amongst your staff than a mock battle, involving running, ducking and weaving, along with firing blobs of paint at each other.

The result of a day's paintball in Tioman will be hilarious fun and laughter, as well as improved inter-employee relationships that will lead to great water-cooler moments, not to mention a tighter team spirit where it matters most: on the work floor.

But even if you're just a group of friends out for a laugh and a memorable day together, then have a go at paintball in Tioman.

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Number of paintballers: 
Inquiry: Last-minutes available. No booking fee.

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Patience and a steady hand come up trumps in paintball
Patience and a steady hand will
come up trumps in paintball

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