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Raffles Hotel

Feedback from actual Raffles Hotel guests

My stay at Raffles Hotel was inspired by the fact that you come across this name, Raffles Hotel, again and again whenever you read any brochure about Singapore. Raffles Hotel truly is an institution in Singapore and I now see why.

The moment you set foot onto the majestic Raffles Hotel grounds, you're instantly taken back to those old-world halcyon years of yore. It may not always appeal to the incorrigible politically correct, but as far as history, architectural grandeur and hospitality goes, I'm not sure how it'll ever be beat. Staying at Raffles Hotel is fabulous.

My Raffles Hotel room was spacious and impeccable, with a kingsize bed that I still miss today. There's nothing left to want, it's that well-furnished. Best of all was the knowledge that you're in a hotel with pedigree that goes back 130-odd years.

The Raffles Hotel staff were amazing from the moment I arrived, addressing me by name and tending to my every need, yet without being obsequious or even overly present. You can see that Raffles Hotel staff are trained professionals, not the sidelining part-timers you come across so often in hotels these days. At Raffles Hotel, staff take great pride in their position.

In short, Raffles Hotel, is a very special experience that I had not had anywhere else and probably never again will.

Word to the wise. Make sure you book your room in advance, because whilst not exactly a boutique hotel, Raffles Hotel doesn't have the immense numbers of rooms that many of the towering monoliths do that you see in downtown Singapore.

I rate Raffles Hotel 5 stars out of 5
Raffles Hotel

We'd booked Raffles Hotel for a night to kick off our honeymoon during our layover in Singapore. It was a lovely way to start our special time together and I highly recommend s stay at Raffles Hotel to all those who feel like staying somewhere truly special with a loved-one. Staying at Raffles Hotel is quite a unique experience, unlike most the regular hotels that are out there, which may be chic but lack Raffles Hotel's lineage.

As it happened, Raffles Hotel's charm of yesteryear was just superb, starting from the impressive building and cavernous lobby, to the High Tea and Singapore Sling in the renowned Long Bar. Raffles Hotel's rich history is palpable in more ways than one.

The room we'd booked was really nice, with lots and lots of space and plenty of amenities. The Raffles Hotel staff was always attentive, but not intrusive. In fact, they'd left us a special gift, as well as cute towel swans and a scattering of flower petals. All of it totally by surprise; a kind and very personal touch.

To be sure, the rates at Raffles Hotel are somewhat lofty. But, given the many one-of-a-kind intangibles that you enjoy while staying here, along with the generous room and superb service, we consider Raffles Hotel value for money.

We rate Raffles Hotel 5 stars out of 5
Raffles Hotel

Since we're both history buffs, we couldn't wait for our stay in Raffles Hotel. And right from the word get-go, you know that you're in a special place.

The gorgeous hotel exterior that you see as you exit your taxi on the Raffles Hotel driveway, brilliantly sets the tone for what's to follow. The lobby's high ceiling splendour and elegant dark wood finishings proudly breathes its colonial-era atmosphere. Just standing there, absorbing the mood, you almost sense the history. What a treat!

The Raffles Hotel courtyard too, is a sight to behold and I recommend you take your time to have a casual stroll around. It's a veritable oasis of cool and tranquillity in stifling, ever-humming Singapore.

Incidentally, for your information, Raffles Hotel offers its own house-historian. Make sure you find him and ask him to take you on the Tour de Raffles Hotel. It's not only enjoyable, but ever so informative, even for non-historians :)

Meanwhile, the Raffles Hotel staff, from the top on down, were some of the best-trained and helpful staff that we have encountered in any hotel previously. These are true hospitality pros, incomparable to the more mainstream hotel staff that are mostly par for the course. To the Raffles Hotel staff, we'd like to say: Well done to you all. Our truly wonderful stay was for a considerable part thanks to you.

One more thing to wrap up our review: Get a room with a courtyard balcony. You will love it.

We rate Raffles Hotel 5 stars out of 5
Raffles Hotel

I don't know about bucket list, but I would certainly rate staying in the Raffles Hotel an absolute must-do. For years, we've been hearing about Raffles Hotel and the way that a stay at Raffles Hotel is unlike staying at any of the more contemporary hotels in Singapore. So, finally, one trip to Singapore, we managed to get a room booked. We were not disappointed.

The hotel's ambiance, its classical decor, sense of purpose. In fact, the whole Raffles Hotel experience is second-to-none. It's as if you've walked into an episode of The Onedin Line. The way we received the full-on 5-star service, it made us feel like a pair of old world arisistocrats.

In a nutshell, Raffles Hotel is nothing short of a sanctuary in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Singapore life. What Raffles Hotel offers: standard-setting hospitality, awesome facilities, fantastic selection of delicious food and drink. And most of all, a unique century-old history that cannot be bought of reverse engineered.

Sure, some might say Raffles Hotel is on the expensive side. And it may wel take a bit of a bite out of your wallet. But you're not paying for just a simple roof-over-your head hotel. You're paying for a chance to experience a way of life that for the most part has been lost in the ages. We felt that once behind the Raffles Hotel doors, the world became a little bit magical.

We rate Raffles Hotel 5 stars out of 5
Raffles Hotel