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Feedback from an actual Juara Beach Resort guest

My girlfriend and me chose at Juara Beach Resort for a 3 day weekend. We knew Juara Beach Resort wasn't exactly a swanky resort, but we liked its obvious charm while doing our online research, as well as the fact that Juara Beach Resort, according to CNN, is on one of the world's top beautiful beaches. Come to this, Juara has Tioman's longest beach in Tioman. (Psst, it's mostly deserted). The sea is sparklingy clear and endowed with pretty coral garden patches.

Juara Beach Resort is peaceful; there's no noise or crowds, and its unspoiled tranquillity, first and foremost, is an excellent place to unwind. Juara Beach Resort is ideal for a quiet weekend away from civilization. We still call our Juara Beach Resort trip our "castaway" holiday. The Juara Beach Resort sunrise alone is truly something to behold. But the sights and sounds of the lush hilly jungle vegetation backdrop and the sounds of the cicadas and crickets, mixed with gentle waves on the beach, were ever so idyllic as well.

Juara Beach Resort itself is peppered with strategically placed coconut trees, ensuring personal privacy. We also fancied the soft green lawn underfoot, which kept the resort a little cooler than the temperature at the beach as well. Altogether, the mood at Juara Beach Resort is more like a provincial Malaysian village, rather than a typical resort. And we always felt like part of the village ambience, instead of tourists. Not the least due to the very friendly staff, I'm sure.

Now, in spite of Juara Beach Resort's basic set-up, our cute traditional Malaysia-style cottage offered plenty of bang for our Ringgit. For one thing, our room was spacious, comfortable - and clean to boot. There was air-con, a fan, plus a hot-water shower in the en-suite bathroom. In addition, we had a wardrobe, a mini-fridge, cable tv and a kettle for making tea, milo or coffee. By the way, there were some complimentary sachets of instant coffee. Beds provided were a comfy queensize and a single.

Other welcome little extras were our cottage patio, the drying lines for our wet beach attire and also Juara Beach Resort's sun beds. Whilst it so happened that our room could pick up Juara Beach Resort's free wi-fi signal, the best reception was nearer to the lobby or restaurant. Also, Juara Beach Resort has a wee sundry and souvenir shop, a laundry service, karaoke, bicycles and canoes for rent and stocks alcoholic beverages, for those so inclined.

As we are unabashed foodies, we loved Juara Beach Resort's awesome in-house restaurant meals. The portions of the mostly Chinese-style local fare were generous yet pricing was friendly. For those interested, I don't think the food, which also included some a-la-carte western-style dishes, is halal here. That said, seafood BBQ can be had, which, naturally, we had to try. Our verdict? Delicious.

Attractions-wise, we went on a snorkeling outing and a jungle exploration trip, where we saw some stunning coral flora/flora and the local waterfall, respectively. Thanks, in part, to the knowledgeable guides, I think both these activities are must-dos when you're at Juara Beach Resort.

Which absolutely also applies to the Juara Turtle Project. In fact, all three excursions were great fun, as well as informative. Oh, bring a camera, preferably a waterproof one, because there's so much natural beauty to take pictures of, both above and below the waterline.

Does Juara Beach Resort have any cons? Well, there's no nightlife to speak of; if clubbing etc is your raison d'etre, then best look elsewhere. Also, Juara Beach Resort is in the outback, which means that mozzies or sandflies are inevitable. So use some DEET or a mozzie coil, or have a mozzie net in place.

By the way, we found that our sun block, perhaps because it's oil-based, tends to render mozzies and sandflies harmless once they landed on us. We got a few bites, but not more than we tend to get back home in our own country.

You should also know that to get to Juara Beach Resort, you need to take a 4WD taxi from Tekek to Juara. Then again, it won't break the bank exactly. Plus, given our rugged vehicle, as well as the steepness of the narrow road and the closeness of the jungle either side, we actually found the 20 minutes drive resembled a Disney World Jurassic Park-themed rollercoaster ride :)

Tip: We spotted that towards the back of the resort, the rooms are smaller and a little cheaper. FYI, Juara Beach Resort has just one true beach-front chalet, so you need to book early to get it. In fact, with just 20+ cottages, Juara Beach Resort tends to be booked out most of the time, so whichever room you want, reserve early. Last-minutes available. No booking fee.

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Welcome to Juara Beach Resort. Click here to book your room
Welcome to Juara Beach Resort.
Click here to book your room

Charming Malay-style cottages at Juara Beach
Charming Malay-style cottages at
Tioman's breathtaking Juara Beach

Book your Juara Beach Resort room now
Book your Juara Beach Resort room now

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Thank you for your very clear reply. It is such a relief to correspond with someone who understands!
"Thank you for your very clear reply.
It is such a relief to correspond with
someone who understands!"
The view from our main deck
The view from our main deck
Breathtaking multi-hued sceneries are guaranteed at our resort
Breathtaking multi-hued sceneries
are guaranteed at our resort
Expedition Robinson was here
Expedition Robinson was here

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